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Thursday, September 1, 2011
I know most of you, who know me, will ask "Why another blog Monique?" It's easy, every day I encounter positive and inspirational Latina women. Latinas who aren't celebrities or public figures. Women like you and I.

These women are moms, entrepreneurs, students, activists, and leaders (to name a few). I wanted a place to feature these women and hopefully inspire you to conquer your fears and the world.

This is not a place of bragging, but more like a blog of motivation. If she can do it, so can you.

If you know of an inspirational Latina, that you think I should know about, please contact me. It could be your mom, friend, sister, co-worker, neighbor, cousin, aunt, or even you.

I am designating this a "No Hate Zone." So, if you've got nothing nice to say, you're not welcome here. This is an "Inspiration Zone Only!"

Once again, welcome and I hope you're inspired.


  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    I'm ready to be inspired!

  1. Monique said...:

    LOL....I don't know if you're ready.

  1. I love the idea behind this blog! :)

  1. Hello Monique,

    I just discovered your new blog and I simply love the idea. There are many amazing Latinas out there that deserve to be on these walls, allowing all of us to enjoy an inspirational and positive space here on the web. Love it!

  1. Monique said...:

    Hi Silvina !Thank you for the gracious comments! It's a great place for me to honor these women.

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