My Mother

Thursday, September 1, 2011
For the very first profile, I had to choose the one woman who has and will always continue to be an inspiration in my mom.

Her name is Judy and she's one out of fifteen children. Being the oldest daughter, my mom has told me stories of cooking pancake after pancake and taco after taco for her army of brother's and sisters. Don't get me started on the cleaning stories.

Even when she was old enough to move out and into her tiny one bedroom apartment, she still continued to help my grandmother. She would give her half of her pay check, from the factory she was working at.

As a child, both of my parents worked very hard to raise my brother and I. After 10 hours on her feet, she would come home, cook a hot meal, and help us with our homework. She taught us the value of a dollar and I credit her for my amazing shopping skills.

I look back and now appreciate how strict she was with me. She pushed me when I didn't want to go back to volleyball tryouts or when I wanted to chicken out of running for student council in high school. She made a point to encourage us in our education and she never let us quit.

Today, my mom is remarried and although she can't work, due to physical issues, she continues be the same woman that raised me. After the passing of her sister-in-law, my mom and step-dad have taken in her three children. After raising us, she is now raising two preteens and a teenager. She's up early to get the kids ready, take them to school, and pick them up. Just taking her out of town for her birthday was difficult, because she'd never taken a vacation away from the kids.

As I spoke with her on the phone today, I couldn't help but think of how proud I am to be her daughter. We speak on the phone every day and if we miss one day, it feels so weird. She's not only my mom, but she's my best friend. She inspires me to be the best woman and future mother I can be.


  1. She is amazing woman and I didn't have to read this to know it. Just to know you and all you accomplish speaks volumes about how wonderful your mom did raising you. Cheers to two brilliant women! xo

  1. Silvia said...:

    Now I now why you are so awesome! Your mommy is amazing! thanks for sharing this special story with us!

  1. LaLicenciada said...:

    So beautiful!! Your mommy rocks!!!!

    What a beautiful story. Your mom is an inspiration, just like you.


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